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Esper is a world where purpose and control have triumphed over savagery and chaos. Bereft of red and green mana, this plane's natural forces pale next to the supernatural power of its human and vedalken mages. Under the. 2017/12/30 · Sydri, Galvanic Genius is an exciting commander in Esper colors that offers a unique take on an artifact deck. For white, blue, and black she's a 2/2 Human Artificer with two abilities: "Blue: Target noncreature artifact. Esper Commander constructed deck list and prices for the Magic the Gathering TCG. Notes: The goal is to take unlimited amounts of turns and use Sundial to keep Glassdust hulk unblockable. EDH Esper control Commander / EDH Rashomon Edit Live Edit Edit Upvote 0 Deckcycle Feature Queue Playtest v1 Auto-suggestions v1 Card Kingdom $1303.01 TCGPlayer $1173.56.

2017/05/08 · Amonkhet brings with it a bunch of cool new cards and mechanics but one thing Commander players are stoked about are White Zombies! No not Rob Zombies killer metal band, the colour and creature type! See. 2015/08/27 · MTG - A Guide to Sydri, Galvanic Genius Esper Commander / EDH for Magic: The Gathering - Duration: 14:35. MTG - A Guide To Sen Triplets EDH / Commander for Magic: The Gathering Tolarian Community College Cancel. 2013/04/26 · Hey i am currently working on a deck and I am looking for some Ideas for Token generators in Esper. I mean I already have Thopter Foundry, but i am in need of more since one card providing all my defense is kind of sketchy. If I don. merieke-ri-berit is the very definition of non artifact esper. she takes peoples creatures and will never give them back. as for the new c18 commanders yennett, cryptic sovereign is a sort of control deck in that you are cheating out big.

Card Name Decks Opt 31 % Wild Slash 29 % Botanical Sanctum 29 % Breeding Pool 29 % Oko, Thief of Crowns 27 % Thoughtseize 25 % Teferi, Time Raveler 23 % Fatal Push 23 % Spirebluff Canal 21 % Once Upon a Time 21 %. W elcome to Esper Week! Yes, this week we'll be exploring the white-blue-black shard. Hopefully by now you're aware that I'm using the shard theme weeks to explore each color from its own vantage point. Today, for example, I'm. 2019/08/19 · We still have two more Commanders for each deck to be spoiled, my friend. Wizards Normally does 1-2 alternate Commanders last year had 2. I.

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