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2016/08/26 · The longest place name not constructed as a single word may be the poetic/sung Thai name for Bangkok. Though it wasn't the point of the video the compounding strategy was, it's a conversation starter: what are the. The word -- which is actually the name of a giant protein called Titin -- begins with "Methio," ends with "leucine," and has a total of 189,819 letters, Reading it in one shot can make the average person's eyes bleary, but Golubovskiy. The longest known example is a compound 'word' of 195 Sanskrit characters transliterating to 428 letters in the Roman alphabet describing the region near Kanci, Tamil Nadu, India, which appears in a 16th-century work by. 2017/06/02 · In this video I read the longest english word to ever exist. Category Entertainment Show more Show less Loading. Advertisement Autoplay When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next. MrBeast.

The longest place name in Malaysia is Kampung Simpang Tiga Durian Chondong 32 letters The municipality with the longest name in Brazil is Vila Bela da Santíssima Trindade, with 32 characters including spaces. Mexico is. 2009/05/27 · Eddie Albert is the sadistic warden who'll gladly make any sacrifice to push his guards' semi-pro football team to a national championship. Reynolds plays one time pro quarterback Paul Crewe, now behind bars for. 2017/09/19 · Determining the world's longest river is not an easy task. Although for most of us, the answer would be the Nile River, there is a section of scholars who regard the Amazon River as the true winner of this title. The difficulty.

The fastest word jumble solver site. Simple word solving tool which can help you solve newspaper puzzles, video games, word worksheets, and word games.Specially designed for mobile phones! Uses the same free dictionary as most. This following is a list of the 10 longest rivers in the world, according to the Times Atlas of the World. Only 111 miles apart, the Nile River in Africa is the longest river in the world in comparison to its runner-up, the Amazon River. 2017/09/08 · Ayanna Williams of Houston, Texas is the 2018 Guinness World Record holder for the longest female fingernails in the world. Her nails measure a combined total length of 18 feet, 10.9 inches. Ayanna must. 2017/04/25 · The US Route 20 is a United States highway running from east to west. The “0” in the number of the route denotes that it is a coast-to-coast route. The 5,415 km long US Route 20 is the longest road in the country and is roughly. 2017/09/18 · Tatiana Ayazo/ “I know the longest word in the whole English language,” Jimmy tells Jenny by the playground swings. “It’s antidisestablishmentarianism.” Jenny slurps up the last of her juice box, unimpressed. “Is.

2016/10/24 · The routes U.S.'s longest interstates cover a variety of our nation's landscape, some deluged by major metropolis traffic, others linking oceans to the heartland. But the plan started by President Dwight Eisenhower in 1956 to create a 41,000-mile national system of interstate highways has continued to this day. 2017/04/19 · The longest place name in the world belongs to Taumatawhakatangi hangakoauauotamatea turipukakapikimaunga horonukupokaiwhen uakitanatahu, New Zealand. It is a Maori word for a hill in the country's North Island. Longest Rivers in the World: The world is a wonderful place to live in. We must be thankful that on this beautiful place god made us human because we can witness the wonderful miracles here. The best miracle that lies here is the.

Roller coasters are known for speed and height, but what about length? Discover the top 11 longest roller coasters in the world. Updated for 2018. The park closed the ride in 2014, then transformed and reopened it in 2015 as Twisted Colossus. Interestingly, 9 of the 10 longest escalators in the system are on the Red Line. Only Rosslyn at number 5 is on a different line. Only Rosslyn at number 5 is on a different line. And while Wheaton’s mammoth escalators seem like an almost endless ride, they’re only slightly longer than. You might also want to know this if you are using MS Word to create a mail merge onto a small postcard. You see, if you know the longest city name in the U.S., you can put your addressing software to the test and impress your. 2020/01/01 · Break the word down into 6 root words. Split the word like, '"pneumono-ultra-microscopic-silico-volcano-coniosis" when you first try to pronounce it so you can work on the individual root words rather than the whole thing.

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Collaborate for free with online versions of Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and OneNote. Save documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online, in OneDrive. Alaska is the longest of all the states in the United States. Alaska is 1,400 miles long, 2,700 miles wide and has more than 33,904 miles of shoreline. The state of Alaska is one fifth of the size of the entire U.S., with 86,051 miles of. What is the longest word in Romanian? Or generally a long word for even native speakers? Answers What are "disagrees"? When you "disagree" with an answer The owner of it will not be notified. Only the user who asked this OK. Its longest headwater was the Selenga river of Mongolia: it drained through ice-dammed lakes and the Aral Sea and the Caspian Sea to the Black Sea. Lobourg During the last glacial maximum, much of what is now the southern. The word isn’t really used today and never really was. except in reference to very long words, like here. The word pertains to the 19th-century opposition to the.

World life expectancy has one of the largest global health and life expectancy databases in the world. Explore it thru thousands of pages of Maps, Charts and feature stories. Compare your country to every country in the world. Check Out the World's Longest and Scariest Steps. Athletes. 2017/07/16 · The longest word ever to appear in literature comes from Aristophanes’ play, Assemblywomen, published in 391 BC. The Greek word tallies 171 letters, but translates to 183 in English. This mouthful refers to a fictional fricassee comprised of rotted dogfish head, wrasse, wood pigeon, and the roasted head of a dabchick, among other culinary morsels. 2007/01/25 · This is the longest word in any English dictionary. However, it was coined by Everett Smith, the President of The National Puzzlers' League, in 1935 purely for the purpose of inventing a new "longest word". The Oxford English.

Download Longest Word Game and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. What's the longest word you can make in 12 seconds or less ? Over 150,000 possible words from only 12 letters. The perfect game to jump start. For comparison: The longest non-stop flight in the contiguous 48-states is Miami-MIA to Seattle-SEA on American Airlines at 2,724 miles in 6 hours 40 minutes. So, yes, if there’s one thing Russia is still better than us. What Is The Longest Road in the United States? Welcome, once again, to the popular feature which allows the Rambler to make up a question he already knows the answer to, pretend he had to do a lot of eye-straining research.

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